Update Your Notification Preferences

Notifications help you stay in the loop on important employee moments! You can receive notifications in your Pingboard account for things like Applause, comments in your upcoming 1:1 meeting, and so much more. 

To adjust your notification settings: 

  1. Navigate to your preferences page by hovering over your avatar and selecting Preferences. Screen_Capture_on_2022-10-28_at_14-42-22.gif
  2. Then, you can opt in or out of the following notifications depending on what Add-Ons your admins have enabled:
    • Org Chart Comments - receive an email for all comments or only comments on your threads and mentions. 
    • Statuses - select email and/or mobile alerts for any Status updates that take place in the next week. This can include Status updates for everyone, your direct reports and everyone they lead, or just your direct reports. 
    • Wins - receive an email when a direct report adds a Win to their profile. 
    • New Applause - receive an email and/or mobile notification for Applause you receive, your direct reports and yourself, your direct reports and everyone they lead as well as yourself, or everyone. You can also choose to follow additional groups. 
    • 1:1 Meetings - receive 1:1 reminders and any edits on topics or notes. 
    • User Sync Updates - receive an email for user updates when folks are added or removed via the sync. 
    • This Week Email - receive weekly updates that include new hires, birthdays, and work anniversaries. 

You will also notice that your selected notification preferences will create an in-app alert. Bell_Notifications.gif

Note: Org Chart comments is only an option if your account includes Planning Charts and you are a manager and/or have Pro or Admin access.

Note: Status, New Applause, and the This Week Email notifications are options you'll see when these Add-Ons are enabled

Note: Wins and 1:1 Meetings are included in the Develop Add-On. If you do not have this enabled and would like to learn more, check out this page for more information. 

Note: User Sync Updates are available notifications for Admins Only and appear when you have an active datasource sync

Still need help? Let us know.