Adding Name Pronunciation to Your Profile

An easy way to make your workplace more inclusive is to have your employees record how to pronounce their name from their Pingboard profile! Even if a pronunciation is obvious, encourage all of your people to record and add their phonetic spelling. Everyone’s participation helps alleviate any social hesitation of any kind when it comes to addressing one another correctly.

To add the recording:

  1. Select Edit Profile.
  2. Spell your name phonetically.
  3. Then choose the Play Button to start recording. 
  4. Once you've said your name, press Pause.
  5. You can then listen back to the recording.
  6. If you'd like to redo it, you can choose the "X" to delete it and re-record.
  7. Once finished, be sure to Save.


Now, when a colleague views your profile they'll be able to listen to how you pronounce your name before your next meeting together!

Note: An admin is able to add a recording for a user. You can find your list of Admins on the Help page in your Pingboard account. 

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