Add and sync a new 1:1 meeting to your Google Calendar

To better track your meetings, automatically add your 1:1's to Google Calendar via the steps below: 

  1. Login to Pingboard on Desktop.
  2. Go to the Meetings tab.
  3. Choose +New button to create a new 1:1.
  4. Next, select the person you’d like to meet with.
  5. Then, choose whether you’d like to create a new event on your Google Calendar, link to an existing meeting event, or not sync at all.New_1-1_to_G-Cal.png
  6. If you select Sync with an existing calendar event, a list of all of your meetings with the person you selected will appear, and then you can select the event you would like to sync with (this will only happen if you already have a recurring meeting with the selected person).
    • You can also choose to send an email/message to the person to alert them of the meeting.
    • Once you have saved the meeting, it will show up on your Google Calendar view on each repeating date!

Tip: The Google Integration must be enabled prior to syncing to Google Calendar. For info on how to set up the Google Integration, visit our set-up steps here

Need to edit a meeting? Click here to see how! 


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