Activate Multiple Roles on your Org Chart

Many organizations have people who wear multiple hats depending on the project, and you can represent those types of workers on your chart by allowing Multiple Roles. Open the chart you need to activate Multiple Roles on, then find and click on the button with the Settings Icon and turn on the toggle for Allow Multiple Roles.

Note: When Multiple Roles is turned on for your Org Chart, all future changes to that chart must be made on that chart's page in Pingboard.

If your Live Org Chart is being updated by a data sync integration (like Google Workspace or ADP), or if you're updating your chart with regular CSV imports, turning Multiple Roles on for that chart will change your settings so that reporting relationships are no longer imported. All other imported fields will continue to update your account and profiles, but Reports To data will be ignored (this includes departments). Turning Multiple Roles off for your chart will revert that change and sync managers from your integration, removing all secondary roles on the chart.

To add people to multiple roles when this feature is active:

  • Assigning a primary role:
    • Drag and drop an individual from the Employees tab on the left side of the page and onto their manager's card.
  • Assigning secondary roles:
    • Drag and drop an empty Role card beneath the secondary role's manager.
    • Select the empty Role card, then search for and choose the employee the role belongs to in the "Select a person" menu on the right side of the page.
    • Choose Copy here to add the individual to the Role card in a secondary role.

If you need to see which roles are primary and which are secondary, the details panel for a selected role card highlights primary roles.

Note: All Shared Roles are Primary Roles, a person cannot appear in multiple Shared Roles on a single Org Chart. A Secondary Role cannot report to its own Primary Role.

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