You did it! 🎉

Pingboard is rolled out, your data is clean and correct, and everyone has access. Now what?

After a few weeks, track your progress by taking a look at your Usage Dashboards and checking your organization’s Pingboard pulse—how is everyone using Pingboard now that you’ve launched it?

A great metric to check right after launching is the Completed Profile percentage. That number shows you how many people have added details to their profiles so that they can start making Connections across your organization. If less than 85% of invited employees have completed their profiles, it may be time to add an Announcement, send an email, or hold an event as a reminder to fill in a few more details. Adding a new Custom Field and announcing its availability to your org is also a good idea.

You can also check to see how many people have played Who’s Who with the Names & Faces percentages. Have people tried to get to know their colleagues better with these games? If not, it may help to create another incentive around getting to know each other. If you need us to clear the Who’s Who leaderboard for a new competition, we can help! Just reach out to our Support Team to let them know.

At the very top of the Usage Dashboards, take a look at how many people have been invited. Have all invited users signed in yet? If you see that a handful of users haven’t signed in yet, go ahead and return to the Employees page under the Admin menu (Admin > Employees). You’ll see the option to resend invites to those individuals. Maybe their invite was missed or went to a spam or junk folder. If they report not receiving the invite, reach out to our Support Team for additional help.

Lastly, now that you have your Culture Advocates, check-in with them to see what others in your organization are saying about Pingboard. Do they have any new ideas about how to take Pingboard a step further with other Custom Fields or ways to help users get the most out of their accounts? The Usage Dashboards are great for an overall view, but your Culture Advocates may have more granular information or ideas to share with you.

Whatever your next steps are, we wish you good luck, and we hope you enjoy your new Pingboard account!

Still need help? Let us know.