Rollout Step 3: Launch Pingboard to Your Organization


Before you send out those invites, you’ll want to let your team know about Pingboard ahead of time. Our hottest tip here is: be loud and proud about it!

Here are a few more:

  • Send and have your culture advocates share announcements about Pingboard a few times before launch. Sharing 2 weeks before, and again 1 week before you launch is a good rule to help get people excited about Pingboard and get ready to use it.
  • Remember to give your team a short summary of what Pingboard is and why you’re excited to use it!
  • If you can, share a short presentation at an all-team meeting, or have your culture advocates run smaller demo sessions for small groups of employees.

Once you’re sure everyone knows what they’re getting, it’s time to launch! It’s an exciting week ahead where you can finally show your team Pingboard. Let’s go over how inviting your teammates works:

Before you send out invites, don’t forget to head to the settings page under the Admin menu to make sure they’re customized to your liking (Account > Account Settings > Emails > Customize Invite Email).

When you’re ready, click Account and select the Manage Employees page to send out the invites. Select “Invite” next to profile names on the Employees page to invite individual members to Pingboard. To launch to the entire company, hit the Invite button at the top of the page and select send to all users to invite everyone at once.

After invites are sent, help your organization get acquainted with Pingboard by using fun games, challenges, and rewards for your first few weeks using Pingboard!

  • Hold a Who’s Who competition. This is a fun way for employees to see everyone they work with and learn names they might not have known before.
  • Incentivize users to add their first Status and give another teammate Applause by giving rewards to people who use those features within the first week of launching.
  • When a decent amount of profiles are filled out, Hold a “scavenger hunt” - email everyone a list of fun details from each profile (like find someone who reports to the Head of Marketing, find someone whose favorite food is “pasta”) and offer perks or rewards to the first 5 people who find everything on the list.

Step 4: Follow Up

Still need help? Let us know.