Rollout Step 2: Finalize Customizations


As you and your culture champions use Pingboard for a few days, some ideas should surface to finish up final customizations in your account. Make a plan to meet with your champions after those few days to collect ideas and focus on the following questions so that you can add more personal touches to your account.

  • What are our company values?
  • What is our company’s vision?
  • Should we add any additional “functional” custom fields like in-depth Job Responsibilities or Certifications?
  • Should we add any “cultural” custom fields like Podcasts I Listen To, or Names of my Pets?
  • What helpful links should we add to the homepage?

Adding Values/Vision

You may already have established company values and a company vision, and if not, now is a great time to start an initiative to name them and put them in writing so you can add them later. If you already have them in writing, add them to your homepage in Pingboard so that everyone in your organization sees them regularly. You can add your company’s Mission, Values, and up to 10 important links to the main Employees page of the Directory by selecting the More (...) button and making selections in that menu. For quick links, think about links like the employee handbook, tools that everyone uses, payroll and benefits sites, and any other essential information for your colleagues.

When you’re finished, add any suggested Custom Fields from your culture champions, and let them know you’ve added them so they can fill them out for themselves.

Customize your Invite Email

The text in the invites you send from Pingboard to your colleagues can be customized to your needs, so take a moment to add specifics to your invites before you send them. Include:

  • Why your organization is using Pingboard.
  • Your main “pitch” for why it will be valuable to everyone (“Pingboard will be a great way for us all to stay connected and informed.”)
  • The names of your culture champions in case anyone has any questions.
  • Any other specifics particular to your organization and Pingboard account.

You can find those customization options on the Settings page under the Admin menu.

Launch Pingboard at your Organization

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