Setup Step 4: Finish Your Org Chart


Before you invite your team to Pingboard, you may want to polish up your chart. Some of the Org Chart features might not import over from your integration, so going through and adding those touches after your first sync will make sure the new chart sparkles.

Building and Editing the Chart


Did you know you can customize what info is displayed on your chart’s cards? You can add up to 4 Custom Fields in addition to the standard Name and Job Title fields. Let’s say you’d like to have Locations visible at a glance: choose Options > Customize Cards > then select Locations as your additional field. For Custom “Single Choice” fields like Location, you can even Pick Colors to color code that field on cards. Color-coding is only available with choice-type Custom Fields in your account.

Layout Options

To adjust the layout of your chart, go to Options and select Layout Options. Our default view is designed to save space and make your chart as easy to understand at a glance as possible, but other options are available too. If you’d like to expand your chart horizontally, select “Inline” as opposed to Stacked. If you’d like to change how the Levels are organized, choose “Uniform” to keep the cards on the same level in the same row. You can also use job-leveling to push a specific person or department down a level. If you choose that option, our “Uniform” levels option will be automatically activated.


Have more than one leader in your company? Branches may be the best option for showing your organization if it’s separated by different leaders. Perhaps you had a merger and still want to show the existing structure. Branches make it easy to show your different reporting structures.

Shared Roles

If you have a Department with two leaders, or if your organization is run by two CEOs, you can add two people to the same card on your chart. Both names will appear, but the Job Title on the card will be shared.


Departments add both clarity and flair to your Org Chart, making it clear who belongs to each section of your organization and who leads that section. Department association is inherited through reporting, which is a fancy way of saying that if I report to the head of the Customer Experience department, I’ll automatically be counted in the Customer Experience department, too. You can also build Departments without leaders by dragging and dropping employees onto the Department card.

Open Roles & Hiring

Drag and drop a Role card to any position on your Org Chart (or use the “add” button below a manager), add a job title, and turn the “Hiring” button On. When the “Hiring” button is on, a hiring flag is displayed on that open role card, and a Description field is added to the card where you can fill out the details of the position. Hiring roles will also appear in the Directory in Locations or Departments they’re assigned to, and will also be displayed on the Homepage so that your staff can reach out to friends they think might be a good fit!


Select the Add button below anyone on the chart and choose Assistant to add an assistant role beneath that person. Assistants appear off to the side of other direct reports so that the relationship to the person they assist is clearly differentiated. While each person at your organization can only report directly to a single manager, anyone can report to multiple managers as an Assistant.

Dotted Line Relationships

Hit Add and choose Dotted Line to create a dotted-line relationship between any direct report and manager. Pingboard keeps things clean by hiding dotted lines until they’re selected for viewing, and you can select anyone’s dotted line icon on their card to view their extra connections on your chart.

Sharing the Chart

Share your chart by using the Share button in the top right corner. Pingboard will generate a Share link that can be shared with anyone who needs to access it, whether or not they have access to sign in to your Pingboard account.

Use the link to share your chart with outside auditors, new hires before they’re added to your account, or to embed it on other sites.


While your Live Org Chart is designed to be an ever-changing, ever-accessible document, you can always download versions of it to archive them, share with others, or print them out. Use the Download button in the upper right corner and choose your preferred settings. Pingboard uses a special printing method to print larger charts across multiple pages while keeping everything legible, so we highly recommend using the “split across multiple pages” option when printing larger sections or your entire chart.

Get Your Team On Board

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