Setup Step 2: Activate Add-Ons


Your Pingboard account includes quite a few Add-Ons that will help you get the most out of your subscription. To view these Add-Ons visit the Account > Add-Ons page in your account.

Data Integrations

You’ve probably already seen a few of the data source integrations that you can choose from. By setting up a data source sync, you cut down the amount of time it would take to update your Pingboard account manually. We have several data sources to choose from and you can find them on the Add-Ons page under the Admin menu in your account.


Status in Pingboard is a great way to capture time off and to let people know where you’re going to be during parts of your workweek. These don’t have to be your traditional “PTO” or “Remote” options if you don’t want them to be – you can get as creative as you want!

You’ll be able to enable this Add-On and see where to go to view future Statuses once they're added. After it’s enabled, if you select Status > Settings, you’ll see where you can add, edit, or remove these Status Types. Encourage your team to get fresh air throughout the day by adding that as an option for people to choose from. Or use an in-office Status to see who will be at the office on a certain day of the week.

Activating the Status add-on adds status-specific reports to our reporting features so you can always view and export that information.


Sharing appreciation within your organization has been proven to help not only with retention but overall employee happiness. Build relationships with colleagues by giving your team access to our peer-recognition tool, Applause. If you’d like to learn more about building a culture of appreciation, check out our webinar about it here: Build a Culture of Appreciation Using Pingboard

Custom SSO

Don’t see your preferred SSO option on our standard integration list? When you visit the Add-Ons page, you’ll see the option to enable a custom SSO solution. For even more details, reference our guide linked in the notes below.

Email Lists

Send emails to specific Groups, Locations, Departments, or other custom groupings within your organization with Email Lists. You can choose to allow all members in that group to send out an email through that list, or you can keep it private for Admins only.


If your organization uses Slack, connect your Slack account to Pingboard so team members can quickly access a person’s Slack profile from their Pingboard profile. For daily reminders in Slack, you can set up notifications for Celebrations, Applause, and Statuses to be delivered to up to three separate channels. And anyone can add to or send Applause directly from their Slack account.

Who's Who

Get to know one another better with this fun, informative quiz! Test your knowledge about your colleagues by matching their names to their photos and learning fun facts about who they are and what they do. Who's Who is especially great for helping onboard new team members, so they can quickly get to know everyone in your organization.

Mobile Apps

Add Statuses on the go, check a person’s profile for icebreakers right before an in-person meeting, or navigate to the Locations page for info about getting into the office. With support for both iOS and Android devices, the mobile app provides a great experience of Pingboard from wherever you happen to be.

Planning Charts

With planning org charts, you can create hiring plans for a team’s next big push or re-org of your entire organization’s structure. None of the changes you make on planning charts are shown on your Live Org Chart, so everything stays private until you’re ready to share it with collaborators, teams, or the whole company.


Turn great managers into great coaches and mentors with 1:1s in Pingboard. Managers and their employees can each add notes, topics, and comments to a recurring agenda, view historical data from past 1:1s, and get reminders to prep for each upcoming 1:1 on a recurring basis. Note: While the rest of the above add-ons are included in your base subscription, 1:1s is a paid add-on for Pingboard.

Step 3: Customize Your Account

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