Setup: Welcome to Pingboard!


We’re excited you’ve decided to use our software to help you and your organization stay connected and engaged. By using Pingboard, you’re giving your employees a chance to not only see where they sit formally on an Org Chart but where and how they fit into your company’s mission and culture by finding common ground with one another.

Some org charts can often stifle communication and connection by stratifying things, but with Pingboard everyone’s connected.

Now, to set up Pingboard and start building those connections!
We’ll get things started in two main steps:

    1. Setup (import data, connect add-ons, customize your account)
    2. Rollout (get the team on board, communicate well, and organize a successful and pain-free launch date)


Each step has its own guide so you can get as specific as you need. If you have questions or concerns along the way, please reach out to our Support Team via the Help Center or Live Chat in your account - we'd love to help!

Step 1: Add Your Data

Still need help? Let us know.