Select which employees are synced from Microsoft

By default, all active profiles in your Microsoft account are synced to Pingboard when you set up and turn on the Microsoft integration for Pingboard.

If you'd like to limit the scope of who is synced, head to the Settings page for your integration (Account > Add-Ons > Microsoft > Settings) and use the options there to select specific groups or employees for syncing.

Sync by Group

To sync specific Security Groups or Microsoft 360 Groups from your Microsoft account to Pingboard, select Manage Groups Sync.

Search for any group in your Microsoft account by name, then select Add next to the names of groups to add them to your sync list. You can search for and select as many groups as you like.


Your selections are saved as soon as you add them. Select Back to go back to the Settings page for your Microsoft integration.

Sync by Employee

To sync or remove specific employees from your account (including those in the Groups you've selected for syncing), select Manage Employees Sync.

Every employees eligible for syncing appears on the Manage Employees Sync page. If you haven't selected any Groups for syncing, every available active profile in your account is shown on this page; if you've already selected Groups for syncing, only profiles in your added Groups will appear on this page.

Employees selected for syncing will have a checked box next to their name and email address. To remove those employees from your Pingboard account, de-select the boxes next to their information, then use the Save button to save your changes and remove their profiles from Pingboard. Reverse that process to re-sync a previously deleted profile.

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