Add Wins to Celebrate Accomplishments

What are Wins?

Recognizing employees for their accomplishments at work is a critical practice of any healthy organization, and essential to the growth of your team members. In Pingboard, we call these accomplishments "Wins". Pingboard encourages employees to advocate for themselves by capturing their Wins throughout the year and sharing them with their manager as they're captured.

How do Wins work?


As employees prep for their 1:1 with their manager, they are prompted to add Wins and Applause. Any wins or applause added will be displayed in an employee's 1:1 agenda with their manager so they can be discussed during the next meeting, and are also captured on the employee's profile. Managers receive an email when one of their employees adds a Win so they can be prepared to discuss it (and potentially add applause for it) during their next 1:1. 

Note: Wins are captured in both 1:1 agendas and in Profiles, but are kept private between an employee and their manager.

Add Wins

Employees are prompted to add Wins as part of their 1:1 prep in email reminders for upcoming meetings with their manager. They can also add Wins from their Profile page at any time.


To add a Win from your profile:

  1. Navigate to your Profile in Pingboard (hover over your Avatar in the upper right corner of Pingboard and select Profile).
  2. Select Wins & Applause.
  3. Select Add Win. Type a short summary of a recent accomplishment you're proud of completing (finished projects, new skills, process improvements, etc.).
  4. Save your changes. Your new Win will appear under the Wins & Applause tab of your profile for you and your manager to see, and will also be added to the agenda for your next 1:1 with your manager.


Note: You can edit or delete any win that you've added at any time by selecting the More (...) button next to a Win and choosing Edit or Delete to make changes.

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