Email Template for Announcing 1:1s to Your Entire Org

Hi everyone - We’re going to start holding our 1:1 meetings in Pingboard! 

In the coming days, you’ll receive an email from Pingboard that your manager has scheduled a recurring 1:1 with you. In Pingboard, you can add to the shared agenda, start a discussion ahead of time and see what your manager planned to chat about.

This recurring 1:1 meeting is your time - think of your manager as your coach.

Here are some things you could ask your manager to frame your first conversation:

  • What do you feel are my strengths? How could those help me advance in my career?
  • If I could improve one skill between this meeting and next, which would you choose?
  • What do you wish I took more ownership over?

This new process will help you and your manager build a stronger bond. We want you to develop,  grow and feel supported during your time here at [your company name]!

Please reply to this email if you have questions. 


[Your name]

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