Email Template for Announcing 1:1s to Managers and Leadership

Hello, leaders and managers! 

Pingboard has launched a new feature to help us have more effective 1:1’s. 

With Pingboard’s 1:1 feature, you can: 

  • Set aside a recurring time for each person on your team 
  • Accept questions directly from your direct report
  • Add open-ended questions beforehand (here are some examples)
  • See any recent Applause (peer recognition) your employee may have received 
  • See their upcoming (and past) status totals 
  • Add notes and keep a private record of their wins, roadblocks, and growth conversations
  • Push a topic to cover it next time

Here are instructions on how to get started: 

You and your direct report will be prompted with an email from Pingboard to prepare for your 1:1. This helps make sure both of you come prepared to make the most of your time together and focus the conversation around growth.

Think of yourself as their coach during this time - use the meeting to learn what motivates, worries, and drives each of your people instead of using the time for status updates on projects. 

This list of open-ended questions has some great suggestions to help guide your conversations. 

I’ll announce this new way to use Pingboard to all of our teams soon - reply if you have any questions!


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