What are 1:1s and how do they work?


1:1s in Pingboard help managers focus on their connections with their direct reports and improve cross-functional relationships across your entire organization. 

Managers use 1:1s to regularly check in with their direct reports, create a space for honest communication, discuss goals, and build trust. Both the manager and the direct report they’re meeting with are prompted to add topics and leave notes ahead of and after each meeting.

Employees are empowered to connect cross-functionally too. By setting up cross-functional 1:1s in Pingboard your organization can communicate better, share ideas and suggestions, and everyone stay even more connected!

How do they work?

Anyone in Pingboard can set up a 1:1 with another person in their Pingboard account. When you create a 1:1 in Pingboard, you’ll be prompted to set a date, a recurring schedule (once a week, every two weeks, etc.), and add topics and notes to the meeting's agenda. Once you’ve added details, you'll send a notification to the person you’re meeting with so they can jump in, review, and add their topics and notes ahead of your meeting, too.

Who can see my 1:1s?

Your 1:1 schedule, notes, and comments are private to you and your meeting invitee. Each member of each 1:1 will receive notifications to remind them of upcoming meetings. You can send an initial invitation, and if you set up a recurring schedule you and your invitee will also get a reminder to prep the day before and shortly after each meeting. Both you and your invitee will be able to add topics, notes, and comments in 1:1s, and you’ll both have access to review details of 1:1s you’ve had in the past.

Enable 1:1 Meetings in your Pingboard Account Set Up a 1:1 Meeting

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