Pingboard’s analytics dashboard is a great way for admins to see a bird’s-eye view of user engagement in Pingboard. Statistics are updated daily to maintain accuracy and offer a number of ways to examine how employees are interacting with Pingboard. For instance, admins can see what percentage of individuals have completed their profile, how many Applause have been given, and how many searches have been made, to name a few!

To see your dashboard, click Account > Analytics. Select All-Time or 30 Days to view metrics for those periods. Use the selector on All-Time to change to a 30 Day date filter instead.


Here’s an overview of the statistics offered and how we calculate them:

Employee Overview

  • % of Invited Employees: the total number of employees invited to access your account divided by the total number of employee profiles in the account.
  • % of Invited Employees that have Signed In: percentage of individuals in your account that have visited the web or mobile apps (with permission to sign in), out of all invited profiles in your account.

By the Numbers

Each statistic is gathered using the following information filtered by the selected date range:

  • Visits: the total number of visits to your Pingboard account per user per day. Web and mobile visits each count individually.
  • Searches: the total number of searches in the web and mobile apps.
  • Statuses Added: totals the amount of Statuses added over the given date range.
  • Names & Faces: the number of name-to-face matches made while playing the Spotlight and Who’s Who games. 
  • Applause Added: total number of Applause given to individuals over the given date range.
  • Applause Liked: number of all likes on Applause given over the selected date range.

How People Are Using Pingboard

Percentages are calculated based on the number of users that have signed in to your Pingboard account:

  • Completed Profile: percentage of individuals who have uploaded their photo to their profile and filled in 50% or more of the public fields.
  • Created a Status: percentage of users who have signed in and added a Status.
  • Learned Names & Faces: percentage of signed-in users who have played Spotlight and/or Who’s Who.
  • Used Applause: percentage of users who have liked and/or created an Applause for a colleague.

Tip: To increase visits to Pingboard, add an Announcement to the homepage encouraging your team to add details to their profiles.

Tip: To see a more complete overview of Pingboard usage, be sure to invite your whole team to Pingboard! You can even customize your invite email to add a personal touch.

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