Personalize your Pingboard account by adding your organization's logo to your account. The logo you add will appear on your company's login page ( and the Share Link to your Org Chart.

  1. Navigate to the Settings page in your account. (Account > Account Settings)
  2. Select Upload New Logo (or, if you're replacing a previously uploaded logo, select the X next to the current logo, then select Upload New Logo).
  3. Use the buttons on the left side of the import box to choose whether to upload a file from your computer, search the web for an image, or link to an image file from your organization's website.
  4. Check the preview of your imported file to make sure it appears the way you're expecting, then select Upload. If necessary, you can use the Crop, Circle, or Rotate tools on the left-hand side of the import box to adjust your image before uploading.
  5. Once your photo is imported, select Save at the bottom of the Settings page.

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