Give Your Teammates Applause in Slack

Pingboard's Slack and Applause add-ons work together to make giving someone on your team applause for a job well done simple, quick, and fun.

pingboard applause in slack

  • You and your team can receive notifications of new Applause in a Slack channel of your choice.
  • Each Applause notification posted to Slack includes buttons to 👏  that Applause (like giving a 👍 or ❤️  on social media platforms). When you select that option, your +1 is registered to that employee's Applause in Pingboard as well.

You can also send Applause to another coworker from Slack at any time from any channel.

add Pingboard applause from Slack

  1. Type "/applaud" (try "/applaud @name" to pull up a coworker by their Slack handle), fill out the details, and choose Submit.
  2. Or, select the shortcut menu (the small lightning bolt icon next to Slack's text input field) and choose Applaud to send someone Applause.


Note: The first time you applaud someone from Slack, you may be prompted to connect your Slack and Pingboard accounts. We ask for this approval so that Pingboard can be sure who you are, especially if you're in multiple Slack workspaces or multiple Pingboard accounts. You will only be asked to link your Slack and Pingboard profiles once.

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