View Connections button on profile

Anyone with access to Pingboard can use Connections to see how they fit into the broader picture of their organization. Whether you're looking for others at the company who share your skills or knowledge, need to find a shared interest to talk about at the Engineering team's happy hour, or just want to know who's binge-watching the same series you are, connections will show you commonalities between you and your colleagues (or your colleagues and each other).

scrolling through shared connections

To access all of your connections in one place, navigate to your Profile and select the View Connections button near the top. You'll see a summary of all of the connections shared between you and everyone else in your organization. Hover over photos to see names and job titles, or select a photo from the list to see that person's full Pingboard profile.

You can also check your connections for individual fields (like Skills or Interests). Select the chain-link icon to the right of a field's name to see people who share connections related to that field - instance, select the link icon next to the Interests field to see anyone who shares any of your interests. Or, to see people who share a single specific interest with you, select one of the listed interests to view a group of people with the same interest tag in Pingboard.

Interests chain-link icon

You can use the same buttons while browsing other profiles in Pingboard to see what connections your colleagues share and get to know everyone a little bit better.

Tip: If you don't see the View Connections or Chain Link buttons on a Profile, it's because the Profile you're viewing doesn't have any connections to other people in the account yet. That's a perfect prompt to add some more details to that Profile so more connections can be revealed. 🔍

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