Admins can use the Status add-on to create Company Holidays when the entire company or specific Locations will be out of the office. An organization with offices in the United States and London, for example, can create a "Labor Day" Company Holiday for their US office and an "Early May Bank Holiday" status for their London location.


To add a Company Holiday in your account:

  1. Select Account > Add Ons.
  2. Choose Status from the list and navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. Select New+ under the Company Holidays section.
  4. Enter a name and choose a start and end date for the holiday.
  5. All Locations is selected by default; de-select the checkbox to make your new holiday-specific to certain Locations, then type and select the names of Locations who aren't expected to work on this holiday.
  6. Check to make sure your selections are accurate, then choose Save to create your holiday status.


Company Holidays are displayed in all of the same places normal statuses show up: in the Today section of the homepage, as upcoming statuses on Profile pages, and on the Status page. Since they're holidays and not vacations or sick days, Company Holidays are not counted toward employee Status totals in Status Reports.

Note: Company Holidays are non-recurring, so remember to add a holiday each time that holiday is going to be observed.

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