Add, Edit, or Remove Status Types

The Status add-on can help your team answer the question "Where is everyone?" with status types like "Vacation" or "Family Leave" - but it can answer other questions, too! Maybe you'd like to know when teammates are available for meetings, or when they're doing deep-focus work on a specific project. Every organization asks itself different questions about availability, and Pingboard's Status add-on helps Admins customize your organization's setup by allowing them to create up to 30 different custom status types!

Add a Status Type

create a status type
  1. Navigate to the Status Add-On page (Account > Add-Ons > Status) and select the Settings section.
  2. Select + New Status Type from the bottom of your statuses list.
  3. Enter a Name and choose a color.
  4. [Optional] If you're using the Google or Outlook Calendar integration for Pingboard, choose whether or not the status type you're creating will list a person as "busy" on their calendar.*
  5. Select Save.

Your new status type will become available at the bottom of the list and visible wherever statuses appear.

Edit a Status Type

edit a status type
  1. Select the Edit button next to any available status.
  2. Enter text into the Name field to change the name of the status type or use the color selections to choose a different color.
  3. Select Save to save your changes. Keep in mind that those changes will be applied to all current and past entries for that status type as well as those created in the future.

Remove a Status Type

remove a status type
  1. Select the Edit button next to any available status.
  2. Select Delete this status type.
  3. Choose a different status type to replace the category for all current and previous entries of the status type you're deleting. This is important so that you don't lose vital reporting data around the status type you're deleting. For instance, if you're deleting "Out of Office" because you feel "Vacation" is sufficient, choose "Vacation" from the list to convert all previously entered "Out of Office" statuses to "Vacation" instead. 
  4. Select Delete.
Note: If you need to delete a status type and want all current and previous versions of that status to be deleted from your Pingboard account, please reach out to our Support Team for help.

Still need help? Let us know.