There are several ways to share your Org Chart with people who need to see it:


With Pingboard, you can download clear, beautiful copies of your Org Chart. You can choose a smaller section of your Org Chart to fit it onto a single page, or select larger sections which will "print across multiple pages". Printing across multiple pages will still give you an easy-to-read version of your Org Chart that makes it clear who reports to who.

Learn more: Download and Print your Org Chart

Share a Link or Embed

Pingboard can generate randomized links to your Live Org Chart that can be shared with anyone inside or outside of your organization. This is great for when you need to share your chart with the board of directors or give access to an outside auditor. Anybody you send your link to will be able to view your Org Chart without needing a Pingboard account. You can also use share links to embed your Org Chart on private or public company websites (think your intranet, or a school website showing its staff).

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Add Collaborators to a Planning Org Chart

Planning Org Charts are private org charts that, by default, are only visible to the Admin or Pro user who has created the chart. As the chart's creator, you can always add collaborators to your Planning Org Charts so that they can see, comment on, or even edit your chart. This is great for preparing for a re-org, hypergrowth, or anytime you need to shift your staff around.

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