Setting up and mapping your CSV Import

When you import a CSV spreadsheet to Pingboard, you have full control over how your employee data is imported. Just a few settings will make your CSV spreadsheet import a breeze.

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1. Choose the changes you’d like to make in your Pingboard Account


The two options selected by default are usually the settings you’ll want to have selected when importing new data. For other scenarios, check out our full CSV import guide.

2. Tell Pingboard which column of your CSV it should use to match employees in your spreadsheet to their existing Pingboard profiles.


You can use employee Name, Email, Pingboard User ID or a Custom Field. This field just needs to be unique so that Pingboard can automatically match an existing employee profile.

Note: First Import? You won’t need to worry about the identifier you select, but you’ll want to make sure you’re importing a unique id like Email Address or Employee # to make sure future imports go smoothly.


3. Match Fields

Tell Pingboard where to place employee data from your spreadsheet by using the drop-down menus to match each CSV Column on the left to its target Pingboard Field on the right.

match columns from your CSV to fields in Pingboard
Tip: Don’t see a Pingboard field for some of your data? Add a Custom Field first so you have a field for that information.

To make sure your Org Chart builds out automatically, make sure to import Manager information to the Reports To field in Pingboard.

Tip: To accurately match employees to their managers in your import, map a column containing either managers' Email addresses (ideal), Full Names in "firstName lastName" format, or Pingboard User IDs to the "Reports To" field in Pingboard.


4. Use the middle columns to choose how you want to update each field

Update if Blank is selected by default. This will only import employee information to a field if the field is blank.
Select Overwrite if you’d like to replace existing data in Pingboard with new information from your CSV spreadsheet.

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