Having photos helps your team put names to faces and ensures everyone knows who's who.  As an Admin, you can import a folder of photos to update multiple employee photos at once. If your filenames include the person's name, we'll even try to match employees in Pingboard with their photos, automatically. 

1: Upload

  1. On the initial import page, drag and drop a file of photos from your computer into the import box, or click Choose a File to open your computer's file browser.
  2. Wait for your file to upload and you’ll be taken to the matching step.
Tip: Photos should be in PNG or JPEG format and less than 5MB in size. 
Note: You can import up to 1,000 images at once.


2: Match


For any photos that couldn’t be matched automatically, you’ll have the opportunity to manually assign them to a team member’s profile.

  1. Click the Who is this? dropdown next to the photo.
  2. Start typing the employee’s name to bring up available options; then select the employee. If the employee isn’t in Pingboard yet, click +New Employee to add their details.
  3. Repeat for each team member’s photo.
  4. When finished, click Done.
Note: You can save your progress by clicking Save Photos. You’ll be able to return to the Import Photos page to continue matching.

Still need help? Let us know.