What is Applause and how does it work?

Applause is Pingboard’s peer recognition tool—an authentic, simple, and fun way to improve employee engagement, build camaraderie, and create a culture of appreciation at your organization. With Pingboard, employees can applaud up to 10 coworkers at once for their great work, like finishing a project early or stepping in to help out during a really busy time. It’s easy to recognize your coworkers with Applause.


Pingboard applause

How does it work?

Any employee can applaud up to 10 coworkers at once for going above and beyond. The employee(s) that receive Applause will get an email notification about it, and the note from their colleague displays on their profile forever unless removed or deleted. When an employee is applauded, their manager also receives an email notification.

Anyone can show their support for a coworker by adding “👏” to the Applause they received, further contributing to a thriving culture of appreciation at your company.

From your Team’s Home Page:

  1. Select the + New on the Applause panel.
  2. Type in the name of the coworker(s) you’d like to applaud.
  3. Type in your message—you’ve got 300 characters to work with.
  4. Use Send.

From your Coworker’s Profile Page:

  1. Head to your coworker’s profile page.
  2. Use + New on the Applause panel.
  3. Type in your message.
  4. Use Send.

We’ll send an email to your coworker(s) and their manager letting them know.

Who sees Applause?

The applauded employee(s), as well as their manager(s), will receive an email notification. An Applause given to an employee will appear on their Profile in Pingboard, and your Pingboard homepage will list applause for all employees for 14 days after it is received. If you're receiving the This Week Email, that message includes a single Applause from the past week, too.


applause on the Pingboard homepage

If you use Slack, you can also set up our Slack integration to post notifications about received Applause in a channel of your choice.

Tip: You can edit or delete an Applause you gave to a coworker within 7 days of posting.

Edit or Delete an Applause

Made a mistake and need to start over? We’ve made it easy for you to edit Applause you’ve given or to delete Applause you don’t want on your profile.

Edit Applause you’ve given:

  1. On either Pingboard’s homepage or your colleague’s profile, click the ... at the bottom of the Applause note.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Make the changes you’d like and select Save.

 Delete Applause:

  1. On the Applause note, use the ... at the bottom of the Applause note.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. Use Delete again.

Turn On or Off Applause

Applause is one of many Pingboard Add-Ons that will help you get the most out of your subscription. To turn on (or off) Applause visit the Account > Add-Ons page in your account.

Note: Only the person who gave Applause can make edits within 7 days of posting
Note: Admins and recipients can delete any Applause at any time. Once deleted, an Applause note can’t be recovered.
Note: If you have access to Reports, Applause Reports are available to export. These Reports include recipient and sender names, their job titles, managers, departments, as well as timestamps for the date added and updated, and the Applause message. 

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