Change the Leader or Head of your Org Chart

We know that your Org Chart may change over time, including who owns the top spot. If leadership changes in your organization, you can change the person in your Org Chart's top role without affecting any other portion of your Org Chart.

  1. Start by removing the leader of your Org Chart - select the top role on your chart to open the Edit Role menu on the right-hand side of the Org Chart page.
  2. Select the X next to the word "Employee" in the top right corner of the Edit Role menu.
  3. Set the role as Hiring if you're still looking for someone to fill that role, or select the Select a Person drop-down menu to choose someone from your Directory to fill the empty role.
Tip: Keep in mind that, if the user you select to fill the top spot is already assigned to another Role card, they'll be moved into the top spot and their current role will be transformed into an Open Role.

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