The Email Lists add-on automatically generates email groups for sending emails to members of a particular Department, Group, Location, or a custom list created by an Admin.

To turn Email Lists on for your Pingboard account, navigate to Account > Add-ons > Email Lists.

  1. Select Setup.
  2. Select Enable.
  3. Email lists will be created for all Departments, Groups, Teams, and Locations.

Edit Email Lists


To edit your lists, navigate to the Email Lists Add-On and select any list from the Settings section. Use the fields in the Edit Email List menu to customize the name, from address, recipients included for the list you selected, and select who is able to send emails to that list.

To create a custom email list, select +New List, fill out the details in the Edit Email List menu, then select Update List to save your changes.

Note: Emails sent to these aliases must be sent from email addresses currently in Pingboard, using an email client app of your choice.

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