Add Company Announcements to your Pingboard Homepage


The company homepage in Pingboard displays key information for your team including upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries, new hires, current hiring roles, and company announcements.

Any Admin can add to or edit a company announcement from their homepage by selecting the Add (+) button under the Announcements section.

  1. Select Add (+) under Announcements.
  2. Add the details of your announcement - you can make your announcements more eye-catching or use bullet points to include multiple announcements by styling your text with Markdown.
  3. Type in or select start and end dates for your announcement. Announcements are displayed at 6 am on the start date and will be visible until 10 pm (in your company's time zone) on the end-date.
  4. Select Preview to see how your announcement will appear to users.

    announcement preview
  5. Select Save to display an immediate announcement or save your scheduled announcement.
  6. And voilà! Your Announcement will be displayed on the homepage of Pingboard's web and mobile apps!


You can always make changes to a posted announcement by selecting the pencil icon next to it on the homepage, or remove it by selecting the trash-bin icon.


Tip: Admins always see it, but the announcements section only appears to employees when an announcement is live.
Tip: Company announcements that begin or take place on a Monday will also be included in your company's This Week email.
Note: One announcement can be added at a time. If you need to add multiple announcements taking place over several weeks, we recommend updating your announcement section monthly and using bullet points or headings for each week's announcements.

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