View and Change Automatic Spreadsheet Import Settings

Once you've set up an Automatic CSV Import, there may be a time you need to change your SFTP server settings or how your data is mapped – i.e., which columns in your CSV are importing data to which fields in Pingboard. You can change your settings any time by navigating to either the Sync & Import or Add-Ons sections of the Account menu.

  1. Select Account > Add-Ons.
  2. Select Automatic CSV Import, then navigate to the Settings tab.

Automatic SFTP CSV Imports

Make Changes to your Server Settings

  1. Select Edit Settings under Server.
  2. Make changes to any of the fields to update your server settings or file path:
    • Server Address - Enter the current web address to your organization's SFTP server.
    • Username - Enter the username you use to access your organization's SFTP server.
    • Password -  Input the password you use to access your organization's SFTP server.
    • Path to CSV File - Enter the path to the CSV file you want to sync to Pingboard. We expect you'll make occasional updates to the file you're already pointing us to, but you can change this field any time to point Pingboard to a new or updated CSV file.

Update Field Mappings for your Synced CSV File

  1. Under Field Mapping, select Edit Mapping. This will pull in the CSV file currently stored on your SFTP server to make sure Pingboard has the most up-to-date data.
  2. Next, update whichever mappings you'd like to change. This will point a specific CSV Column to the Pingboard Field you'd like to sync to.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Check the Preview page to make sure the results are what you're expecting, then select Run Import to start a fresh sync of your data. Any mapping changes you've made will be stored until you update these settings again.

Note: New CSV Columns added after a file is initially imported will not be recognized. To pull in those columns, disable and reset the Automatic CSV Import integration, or update the file path in your Server Settings.

Pause or Disable Syncing

De-select Sync Employees at any time to stop pulling in new employees and data from your CSV imports. When you're ready to resume syncing, reactivate the option.

Check your Import Logs

Records of your five most recent syncs are located at the bottom of the Automatic CSV Import settings page. The date and time of the import are listed on the left, and total updates and errors are on the right. Select any import's date to view results, check errors, and see what was changed.

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