As an admin, you can delete employees in bulk by uploading a CSV file of employees that should be removed from Pingboard. To remove the right people from your account, your CSV spreadsheet should contain one of the following unique identifiers: Email or Pingboard ID.

If you don't have either email addresses or Pingboard IDs in your spreadsheet, start by exporting a Report from Pingboard that includes email addresses or Pingboard IDs and use Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet editor to remove everyone from that report except people who will be deleted.

Warning: Make sure your CSV file only includes employees who need to be removed from Pingboard – every employee recognized in the spreadsheet you import will be deleted by this process. 

To get started, click Account > Data Sync & Import.

  1. Select Delete Employees in Bulk from the Export & Delete section.

  2. Drag and drop the .CSV file from your computer into the import box, or click Choose a File to open your file browser.
  3. Select Continue, choose a unique identifier (either email address or Pingboard ID) that we'll use to make sure an employee is in your account and can be deleted, and select Continue again.

    Choose a unique ID
  4. Check the details on the preview page to make sure the number of employees to be deleted matches the number of employees in your spreadsheet – any employees Pingboard can't recognize by their email address or Pingboard ID will be highlighted in the errors section.

  5. Select Delete Employees to complete your CSV import, which removes everyone in your .CSV file from Pingboard.

It may take a while to remove a large number of employees from Pingboard, so feel free to navigate away from the import page while you wait for the process to finish. We'll send you an email notification as soon as the process is done.

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