Filter the Org Chart by Department

You can filter an Org Chart by Department to view, print, and share a specific view of that Org Chart.

To filter an Org Chart:

  1. Navigate to your Live Org Chart or one of your Planning Org Charts.
  2. Find the Search bar at the top, center of your Org Chart
  3. Click the "Filter" button located on the right side of the Search bar - this turns the Search into a Filter
  4. Now you can Filter by either typing the name of the department that you are looking for OR you can scroll down the list of departments to select the desired department
Note: After filtering to a specific Department, you can print or share just that Department's org chart by selecting Current View on the Print or Share menu.


After filtering your Org Chart, you'll notice that when a "nested" department is selected it will display the names of all the higher-level departments as a list above the Org Chart (like a trail of breadcrumbs). 


Breadcrumbs are a great way to visualize where a selected department is positioned within the company's organization.  

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