You can filter an Org Chart by Department, Group, Team, or Location to view and share (with authenticated users) a specific view of that Org Chart. You can also apply an additional Group, Team or Location filter to a selected Department filter. However, keep in mind that adding two filters to a view is only possible when one of those filters is a Department.

Org Chart • Non Admin.png

To filter an Org Chart:

  1. Navigate to the right-hand menu. (For admins, this is called the Build menu).
  2. Select “Filter Org Chart”.
  3. A menu of filter options will appear, which includes your Departments, Teams, Groups, and Locations. Select which category you’d like to view from the menu list, or if you know the name of the category which you’d like to view, you can type it into the textbox at the top of the menu.
  4. To see employees within a Department and another category, simply select one other category after selecting the Department of your choice. Note: your selected filters will be highlighted in the menu and they will be labeled above the Org Chart at the top of your screen.


To clear your filters, you can click the X next to the filter name(s) at the top of your Org Chart. You can also clear all selected filters at once by clicking the Clear Filters button at the top of the filtering menu.

Note: (For Departments only) after filtering to a specific Department, you can print or share just that Department's org chart by selecting Current View on the Print or Share menu.


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