Color Code Fields on Org Chart Cards

Make special pieces of information on your Org Chart stand out with our easy-to-use color coding options. Use this option to highlight Contractors, Remote Workers, Projects and Cross-Functional Teams, or any other information that might need a little extra color.

  1. On the Org Chart page, click the Options button in the upper-right corner and select Customize Cards
  2. Add or select a "choice" type that allows a single choice to be selected (Location, for example)
  3. Click Pick Colors next to the Custom Field you want to color code
  4. Click on any values you want to highlight on cards, choose a color for each, then click Done
  5. Click Save to save your changes

The choices you make are specific to the Org Chart you're working on, so you can choose different color coding rules for your Live Org Chart and your Planning Org Charts. Use the Options menu on any chart to color code the most important information for its audience.

Note Color coding is available for company choice fields where a single choice selection can be made. For example, employees can choose a single Location from the Locations drop-down menu, making that field eligible for color coding. The "Pick Colors" option will show up for any "choice" field that's eligible.

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