Promote a Planning Chart to Live

When your planning chart is complete and the restructure you've been working on is implemented, you can use it to replace your Live Org Chart. Your previous Live Org Chart will be archived on your Org Chart Management page, and all changes made on your planning chart will immediately take effect in Pingboard (including Job Title and Reports To updates for your employees).

On the Org Chart Management page, use the More (...) menu next to the chart you want to use and select Replace Live Org Chart.


Your previous Live chart is archived on the Org Chart Management page, titled with the date it was archived. The archived chart will be owned by the person who promotes the new Live Org Chart, but collaborators can always be added to archived charts so that all Pro and Admin users can see them.

Note: If you're using a data integration like Google Apps or Okta, the Replace Live Org Chart function won't be available. Your active data integration is always the source-of-truth for your Live Org Chart, so any changes to your chart should be made in that data source so that they can be synced to Pingboard.

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