Collaborate with Comments on Planning Charts

Comments on Planning Org Charts help you make notes for future plans, ask questions, and discuss changes with other collaborators. Pingboard keeps comments across all of your Org Charts organized, up-to-date, and easy to find.

Comments on Planning Org Charts can only be seen by Admin or Pro users who are collaborators on the org chart, so you can be sure that the work you do together is private.

Adding Comments to Roles


All comments on Planning Org Charts are specific to Roles on that chart

  1. Hover over a card, click More (...) and select Add Comment to open the comments pane on the right side of the screen
  2. Add your comment in the Add a Comment box, then click Post to place your comment on that Role - mention one of your collaborators specifically by typing @ followed by their name, then choose the person you want to mention
  3. Reply to comments by adding text in the "Add a comment" field and clicking Post

Reading Comments on a Planning Org Chart

  1. Open the Planning Org Chart you want to view
  2. Click Comments to view that chart's comments in chronological order (click Show previous comments to see past conversations)
  3. Click on any comment to zoom the org chart onto the Role it's attached to

You can also click the Comment icon on any Role card on the Org Chart to view comments connected to that Role.

Reading Comments in the Notifications Tab


In the top right corner of Pingboard, Admin and Pro users will see a Notifications icon in the shape of a bell.

Click on the bell to view new notifications on Planning Charts you have access to. If no new notifications are available, a message tells you that you're all caught up. Click Show Previous to reveal older notifications in chronological order.

Each comment has a heading that lists which Planning Org Chart it is from and the Role it relates to on that chart. Click any comment to open the Org Chart and Role the comment relates to.

Receiving Email Notifications for Comments

When a comment is left on one of your Org Charts, you'll receive an email notification from Pingboard. Clicking View in Pingboard or the Role Title on any comment in a notification email will bring you to the Org Chart and highlight the Role that the comment was left on.

You can customize your notification preferences on your Preferences page. By default, you'll receive notifications for comments on Roles you've previously commented on and specific @ mentions of your name, but you can also choose to receive an email for all comments on your org charts.

If you'd prefer not to receive email notifications for comments, turn them off on your Preferences page.

Deleting Comments

Comments can be deleted a few different ways:

  1. Click the Edit or Delete buttons under your comments to make changes or remove them at any time
  2. When a Planning org chart is promoted to Live, all comments are removed
  3. Deleting a Role from a Planning Org Chart will delete the comments attached to that role

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