Import and Update Employee Data with a CSV Spreadsheet

Admins can import employee data from CSV spreadsheets by navigating to the Sync & Import page under the Admin menu and selecting CSV Import. The import process is divided into 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Upload

  1. On the initial import page, drag and drop your CSV file from your computer into the CSV import box, or click Choose a File to open your computer's file browser
  2. Wait for your file to load, then click Continue

Step 2: Match

    1. Choose a unique identifier from the green Match Users By menu – we'll use the data in your selected column to identify existing Profiles in your account

      Email - matches existing profiles by their Email field in Pingboard
      Name - matches existing profiles by their First and Last Name in Pingboard – Names in your CSV must match names in Pingboard exactly to be recognized
      Pingboard User ID - matches users by their unique Pingboard User ID, downloadable from the Reports page in Pingboard
    2. Column names from your spreadsheet are represented in the leftmost CSV Column; use the drop-down menus on the right to match each CSV column to its target Pingboard Field
    3. Use the middle columns to choose how you want to update each field
      Update if Blank - CSV data is imported into blank fields in Pingboard, leaving existing field data in Pingboard unchanged
      Overwrite - Existing data in Pingboard is overwritten by data from your CSV
    4. Once you're finished with your mappings, click Continue
Tip Scroll over the name of any of your columns on the left side of the page to see data from the first few rows of that column.
Tip We use the same unique identifiers for identifying existing profiles and to identify and match managers to their employees – the same behaviors and rules for unique ID types above apply to the Reports To column in your spreadsheet as well.
Note Blank rows in your CSV will erase stored data in Pingboard when Overwrite is selected.

Step 3: Preview


      1. On the Preview page, make sure the What's in your CSV summary matches the number of existing and new employees, locations, and groups you're expecting from your import
      2. If those numbers don't match your expectations, check your CSV for errors, and specifically check to make sure that unique identifier data in your CSV matches what's in Pingboard – for instance, if you're using Email as your unique ID, check to make sure everyone's email in your CSV matches their existing Email in Pingboard
      3. If there are errors listed, click View Errors to see a summary of what needs to be corrected and what we'll do with that data if you move forward with your import (Click Export to download a CSV file of the errors we found - especially helpful when you want to fix errors before completing your import)
      4. Check the Matched Fields section to make sure that your mapping and import settings for each field are correct; fields matched with a blue arrow are updated if blank, those with an orange arrow will be overwritten with the data from your CSV
      5. When you're satisfied with your preview, click Run Import

Tip If you're trying to hunt down discrepancies between Emails or Names in your CSV and what's in Pingboard, export a Report from our Reports section to compare with your file.


Your import may take a few minutes to complete, so feel free to navigate away from the page while we import your data. We'll send you an email as soon as the import is finished.

The Results page provides a summary of how many employee records were updated or created and how many new Groups and Locations were in your import.

If any errors occurred during the import process, a notice will be displayed – click View Errors to view a summary of the problematic rows. Download the summary to make corrections and re-import that data to Pingboard by clicking Start Export.

If you have any questions or need help with your import, please contact our Support Team. We're ready to help!

Note The CSV import adds and updates employees in Pingboard, but doesn't remove them. You can import only the employees you need to update without the fear of accidentally removing anyone from your account.

Still need help? Let us know.