Activate the Status Add-On for Pingboard

The Status add-on for Pingboard gives you and your team another way to answer the question "Where is everyone?" on a day-to-day basis. By setting a status, employees can easily communicate their availability, location, or any other temporary status that's important to share with their teammates. To activate the Status add-on:

  1. Click Account > Add-Ons
  2. Choose Status from the list, then select Set Up and Enable Status

When enabled, a Calendar button will be added to the available options in the Pingboard web and mobile apps, and our five default statuses types will be available:

  • Out of Office
  • Remote
  • Sick
  • Vacation
  • Business Trip

Once the integration is installed you can remove default status types, or add new ones to make sure the Calendar tab includes the right status types for the way your organization works.

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