Building and Editing your Org Chart with the Legacy Editor

We've made some recent changes to our Org Chart editor, but if you've been using Pingboard for a while or didn't sign up within the last month you may still be using the previous version of our Org Chart editing tools. The instructions below will walk you through making edits to legacy charts.


If you haven't started building yet, click Start Building on the initial pop-up and add the person who belongs at the very top of your Org Chart. Once the top person is added, you can click the Add (+) button to continue adding roles below their card. If the person who belongs in the new Role is already in Pingboard, search for their name and select them to save them in that position. Otherwise, click +New Employee to fill in their details and add them to the chart and Directory at the same time.



To change an individual's position on your chart:

  1. Hover over a card and select Edit and select Role
  2. Click the Remove (–) button next to their manager's name
  3. Type in their new manager's name and click to select the correct person
  4. Save your changes to move them to their new position on your chart

To rearrange multiple positions on your chart, use our self-serve CSV import tool.


To remove a person from a card, click Edit on a card and select Role, click the Placeholder button to replace their populated card with a Placeholder for their open role, then click Save.

To remove a Role from your chart completely, click Edit on a card and select Role, then click Remove Card. Removing a person and their card from the Org Chart only clears them from the chart – their Profile will remain in the Directory.

Add Placeholders for open positions

Pingboard allows you to create placeholders for open positions or upcoming new roles in your company's Org Chart.

To create a placeholder:

  1. Sign in as a Pingboard Administrator and navigate to the Org Chart
  2. Click the + icon above or below an existing profile card
  3. Select Placeholder and enter the name of the open position
  4. Click Save 

Tip Placeholders do not have profiles and only appear within the Org Chart. They aren't shown in the Directory or search results. 

Add Branches for Extra Leadership

If your Org Chart needs more than one person at the top or there are multiple companies under your organization's umbrella, adding branches is an easy way to keep everyone organized in the right reporting structure.

  1. On the Org Chart page, click on the Tools menu
  2. Select +Create New Branch to start your new branch, then search for the person you need to place at the top of the branch
  3. Click on a person to place them at the top of the branch, then click Save

Once the branch is created, you can add Direct Reports, Placeholders, and Assistants to it, keeping them separate from the other branches of your Organization.

Tip Keep in mind that, unless they're in an Assistant role, each person can only appear in one place on your Org Chart.

Add Departments to the Org Chart

Departments add color and clarity to your Org Chart in Pingboard. Think of them as badges that you can apply to managers' cards, creating a banner of color and text to make it clear which Department they oversee and who belongs to it.


To create a new Department, find the Department's manager on the Org Chart and click the Add (+) button on their card, then select New Department.

Choose a name for the Department, include a description (optional), then select a color and click Save. That person is now the head of the Department and everyone beneath them automatically belongs to it as well (notice they share the same color.) You can add Departments anywhere in the org chart, but you only need to add each one once, not for every person who's part of it.

Syncing Departments

As Departments are tied to the Org Chart structure, we're not able to sync the information from a datasource. A sync may create discrepancies, such as a person belonging to one Department, but reporting to someone in a different Department in Pingboard.

Transitioning to Departments

If you have created departments using the Groups feature and would like help transitioning to the new Departments feature, reach out and we'll be happy to help.

Tip A Department is assigned to its leader's card in the Org Chart. If someone manages multiple Departments, consider creating a combined Department on their Org Chart card and getting more granular with Group assignments. Or, create Placeholders beneath a manager's card to represent each Department they oversee.

Note Departments are specific to the Org Chart and cannot be included in Reports exported from Pingboard at this time.

Drag and Drop the sort-order of Direct Reports

Pingboard automatically sorts direct reports alphabetically based on Job Title, then Name. If you need to sort positions in a more specific order, Admins can reorder a group of direct reports with drag and drop!

  1. Click Edit on a manager's card to sort their reports
  2. Select Sort Direct Reports
  3. Drag-and-drop profiles to re-order the cards
  4. Click Save and view your changes

To change a group's sort order back to default settings, follow the first two steps above and choose Reset Sort Order.

Note Any changes you make to your Org Chart's display settings will be seen by everyone in the company.

Add Dotted Lines

Dotted Lines are the perfect way to represent complex or secondary relationships on your Org Chart. For example, a Designer who reports to an Art Director may have a secondary relationship to the Mobile Team Lead.

Our innovative solution allows you to see a person’s dotted line relationships quickly without changing contexts.

If you're an Admin in Pingboard, follow these steps to add dotted lines:

  1. Hover over a card on your chart and click +
  2. Select Dotted Line from the Add Above or Add Below menus
  3. Type the name of the person you're making a connection to and select them when they appear
  4. Click Save


When a person has dotted line relationships, they'll be represented on their card by a small gray headcount icon with the number of dotted lines they have.

To view a person's dotted lines, click the dotted line headcount icon on their card, or click View and select Dotted Lines. Add (+) and subtract () buttons appear in the dotted line view so that you can edit their relationships quickly.


Note Dotted line relationships do not affect Department associations and cannot be imported via CSV or sync, and are not currently included in Org Chart Exports.

Add Assistant Roles

To add a person in an Assistant Role to your Org Chart, click the + button on the card of the person they assist and choose "Add Assistant". Assistant Roles are shown to the side of the Direct Report line.


If an Assistant assists multiple people on your chart, simply repeat the process to add that person as an Assistant to each person they assist.

Keep in mind that while a person can appear on the Org Chart in an Assistant Role in multiple places, they can still only have a Direct Report relationship with a single person. Searching the Org Chart for someone in an Assistant Role will point to their Direct Report relationship.

For now, Assistant Roles can only be created manually in Pingboard from the Org Chart page – we'll be adding support for assigning Assistant Roles via CSV import or synced services in the future.

Note Assistant roles cannot have Direct Reports or Assistants of their own underneath them.

Add Shared Roles

Shared Roles represent positions shared by two people on your Org Chart.

To add people to a Shared Role, click the + button on the card above the shared role and select "Add Direct Report". In the "Who is in this role" box, enter and select the name of the first person who shares the role, then click the + button to the right of their name and repeat the process. You can add a Job Title for the shared role in the Role Title section.

You can also add a second person to an existing role by clicking "Edit" on the existing role's card and adding an additional person to that card. Shared Roles share both their Manager and Direct Reports.


For now, Shared Roles can only be created manually in Pingboard from the Org Chart page – we'll be adding support for assigning Assistant Roles via CSV import or synced services in the future.

Tip Since cards for Shared Roles on the Org Chart have their own separate Role Title, individual Job Titles for people in that role won't be shown on the card. Individual Job Titles for people in shared roles will still be displayed on their profile pages in the Directory.

Note When you move someone who has Direct Reports or Assistants elsewhere in the org chart into a Shared Role, their former position will be replaced with a Placeholder, leaving the Direct Reports and Assistants in place.

Change Your Chart’s Layout

The default Org Chart view in Pingboard keeps relationships easy to see at-a-glance by grouping Direct Reports vertically. If another layout works better for your company, it's easy to adjust your layout.

Expand Reports Horizontally

  1. On the Org Chart page, click on the Tools menu and select Display Settings
  2. Check the box marked "Always expand direct reports horizontally"
  3. Click Save

Push new Levels to their own Rows

  1. On the Org Chart page, click on the Tools menu and select Display Settings
  2. Check the box marked "Show each org chart level on its own row"
  3. Click Save

Note Any changes you make to the Org Chart's display settings apply to everyone in the company.

Download and Print your Org Chart

Pingboard makes printing and sharing your Org Chart easy by allowing you to download your entire chart (or just selected sections) as a PDF or PNG file. To download your Org Chart, click on the Download button on the Org Chart page.

Org Charts for larger companies sometimes include too many roles to fit on a single page. In those cases, sharing access to your interactive Org Chart is a great option.

Learn more: Share your Org Chart with people outside of your account

Otherwise, you can use the Start With and Levels options to print your Org Chart in sections across multiple pages:

  1. Click on the Download button on the Org Chart page
  2. Click on the Remove (-) button next to the person in the Start With section, then use the drop-down to select someone else to be at the top
  3. Use the Levels to Include drop-down to limit the number of layers to include underneath the head of the section to make sure not too many people wind up on a single page
  4. Repeat this process until you have the entire Org Chart across multiple downloads/printouts

Note Dotted Lines are not currently displayed on Org Chart exports.

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