Build and Edit Your Org Chart

Pingboard's simple, drag-and-drop tools make creating and editing Org Charts in Pingboard quick and easy. Even if you're using our import options to upload your chart directly to your account, our drag-and-drop charts provide quick and powerful customization to any Admin in your account.

In this guide, you'll find instructions to:

Add Structure

If you're starting from scratch, you can begin building the structure of your chart by selecting elements from the Build menu on the right and dragging them into place. If you don't see the Edit panel, look for and click on the Build (>) in the upper-right corner of the page.

  • Add Direct Reports by selecting and dragging employees or Role Cards onto their manager’s card – a blue border appears around the manager’s card to indicate to who you're assigning a report.
  • Add coworkers next to existing cards by selecting and dragging employees or Role Cards to the left or right of an existing card until you see a blue line indicating where the new card will be placed.
  • Add assistants by selecting and dragging an assistant card onto its manager.
  • Assign Department to their leaders by selecting and dragging a department card above its leader's card (a blue line will appear indicating where it will be placed), or drag department cards onto a manager’s card to create new departments under that manager.

You can also add Roles, Assistants, and Departments to your chart by hovering over existing cards and clicking the Add (+) buttons.

Assign Roles

Now it's time to fill those roles!

Click and drag team members from the Employees menu in the right panel and place them on empty Role Cards, next to their colleagues, or onto their manager's card to assign them to that manager. If they’re not in the Employees menu yet, click the Add (+) button in the Build panel to create them.

You can also assign employees to roles as you add them – drag and drop a new Role Card into place, select the card, then use the Select a Person drop-down menu in the Role Editor on the right to search for and select a team member and assign them to the position.

To highlight open positions for To Be Hired Roles, select an empty card on your chart to open the Role Editor on the right side of the screen. Turn on the Hiring slider, add a Job Title, and enter a Description of the role.


Move Roles

Select and drag any card to reposition it on your chart.

  • Assign an employee to a new manager by selecting and dragging their card onto their new manager’s card – a blue border is displayed on the card of the manager you’re assigning them to.
  • Rearrange a group of Direct Reports by selecting and dragging Role Cards to the left or right, above or below their coworkers until you see a blue line indicating where the card will be placed.
  • Rearrange the order of Assistants by selecting and dragging them into place vertically.
  • Select and drag a Department to move it to the left or right of other Departments under a manager – every member of the Department will be moved as well.
  • Select and drag a Department onto a manager's card to place the Department and its members under that manager

Remove Roles

To remove a person from a Role Card, select a card and choose Remove from Role (X) in the Role Editor on the right. Removing a person from their role will place them back into the Employees menu and leave the Role Card un-populated until you drag a new person onto it.

To remove a Role Card from your chart completely, select the More (...) menu in the upper-right corner of the card and choose Remove Role. When a Role Card is removed, the employee who filled the removed role and all of the role's Direct Reports are removed from the chart and placed into the Employees menu.


Those are the basics, but there's much more you can do!

  • Select the Add (+) button above any Role to add Dotted Lines or Departments.
  • Make any card a Shared Role by selecting a role card and using the "Share this role with" option in the Role Editor.
  • Drag and drop the order of a manager's Direct Reports by selecting the More (...) menu and using Sort Direct Reports.
Note: Each employee can only appear on the org chart once, unless you have turned on Allow Multiple Roles or if their second role is an Assistant role or Dotted Line Relationship.

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