All aboard!


Once you have Pingboard set up just right, it’s time to invite your team! Our Team plan allows access for 50 users, while the Company subscription offers the full suite of features and access for 100 users with the option to add more.

Our default invite email gives instructions for new Employees to download the mobile app, sign in, and finish their profile, but you can customize the invite email with any other information you'd like to add.

Give Notice

We highly recommend announcing Pingboard to your colleagues a day or two before they get their invites.

Presenting Pingboard in all its glory at an all-hands meeting is the best way to get people excited to sign in, but you can also announce Pingboard in a company-wide email. You can use our Learn the Basics article as a template for your presentations and introductory announcement emails, but be sure to mention the Mobile Apps and Who’s Who.

If you're looking for a way to really spice up early engagement, consider holding a week-long competition on the Who's Who leaderboard when you first launch Pingboard to see who can get the top 3 spots – be sure to give out some prizes to the winners. Including engaging Custom Fields for employees to fill out is always a good idea, too.

Invite All

Once everyone knows what Pingboard is and is excited to join the fun, head to the Employees page and click Invite > Invite Employees to invite everyone in your organization. After you launch, you can use the Re-send Invites option from this same menu to send a gentle reminder to sign in to anyone who needs it.

Tip: If you're announcing Pingboard via email, draft your announcement email and have leaders in the company send it out to their teams.

Celebrate (and Educate)!

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