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Your Org Chart wears a cape now.

Your initial Org Chart is already awesome, sure – but what about some extras? Pingboard has a powerful toolset for adding depth to your charts with color-coded Departments, Shared Roles, Placeholders for open positions, and more...



When you add a new card to the Org Chart, you can choose to create a Placeholder for a future hire or an open role. Unlike cards for actual people, Placeholder cards just have titles, such as “Sales Manager (TBH)”, since the role is currently open. They also won't be counted towards your overall company headcount.


Departments help add a pop of color to your chart and help you see the Departmental structure of your organization at-a-glance.

You can add a new Department to its manager by clicking the Add (+) button the head of the Department's card and selecting Department, adding a name and a color, and clicking Save.

Learn more: Add Departments to your Org Chart


Need to represent multiple companies in the same Org Chart or add extra leadership at the top of your chart? Create as many branches as you need from the Tools menu with a different person at the top of each one.

Dotted Lines


If someone on your Org Chart reports directly to the Operations Manager, but also sometimes reports to someone else, you can add that second reporting relationship using Dotted Lines. Dotted Lines help you display more complex, cross-functional relationships in a simple, un-cluttered way on your chart.

To add a Dotted line, click the Add (+) button on anyone's card and choose Dotted Line either above or below.

Learn more: Add Dotted Lines


Assistant roles help clearly display Assistant relationships off to the side of the person that they assist, and allow Assistants to appear in multiple locations on the Org Chart under the various people they assist.

To add an Assistant relationship, click the Add (+) button on anyone's card and choose Assistant.

Learn more: Add Assistant Roles

Shared Roles

Does your company have a joint-CEO position help by two people? Or maybe you have two individuals heading up your Marketing efforts and directing that team. Joint roles can help you add two individuals on your Org Chart to a single card so that they can share a role, Department, and Direct Reports between them.

To add a shared role, create a card for the first person in the role, then click Edit on that person's card, select the Add (+) button next to their name, then add the second person and shared job title to the card.

Learn more: Add Shared Roles

Custom Fields

Cards on your Org Chart are customizable, so you can choose what information you want to display on them. You might want to differentiate between full-time employees and contractors, for instance, or make sure mobile phone numbers are front-and-center. Click Display Settings in the Tools menu on the Org Chart page to select which Custom Fields you want to display on your chart.

Tip You can also customize the cards in the Directory from the Settings page.

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