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Whatever data you’re tracking in Pingboard, we know you’ll want to keep it secure. These are the tools you'll need to make sure that information is only seen by the people who need to see it.

Custom Field Permissions


Every Custom Field has its own set of permissions that you can edit from the Custom Fields page:

  1. Click on a Custom Field
  2. Click Permissions
  3. Use the Visibility drop-down to set the view options
  4. Turn off Employee Can Edit if you don't want employees to be able to edit that data without an Admin's help
  5. Use Employee Must Complete to make a field mandatory
  6. Turn off Include in Searches if you want certain fields to be viewable but not searchable

Group & Location Permissions


Each Group and Location has its own set of permissions that you can set when creating or editing the group – toggle the options on the bottom of a Group or Location's edit page to set its permissions.

Add Admins and Pro Users

With all the planning and organizing you're going to be doing in Pingboard, you may want a little extra help, or you may want to invite your entire organization to see the results. If you've signed up for a plan that allows additional users, we have a couple of options for you:

  • Admins can view and edit any information in Pingboard
  • Pro Users can't see everything Admins can, but can be invited to collaborate and comment on private Planning Org Charts
  • Employees who are invited to Pingboard can access the Live Org Chart, Directory, and edit portions of their profile that Admins allow them to edit

Learn More: User Roles and Access Level Permissions


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