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When you’re first starting with Pingboard, you have the option of starting from a blank slate, using our template, or importing a spreadsheet of your company’s data. Whatever option you choose, you’ll be up and running with a brand new chart in no time.


Pingboard's manual construction tools help you build your Org Chart and Directory with speed, but the fastest option is to import the information you already have.

Import via Sync

If you're already using another service like Google Apps or Azure Active Directory to store employee data, Pingboard can sync with any of those services to automatically create profiles for everyone in your company, build your Org Chart, and keep everything up-to-date as you make changes in those tools.

Choose a service below to get step-by-step instructions for setting up your sync:


Import a Spreadsheet (.CSV)


If you need to get started without syncing, you can import a CSV file instead by using the CSV Import options on the Sync & Import page (under the Admin menu).

Sync & Import options are always available, so you can continue to update your data with new CSV files as your company grows and changes.

Import data with a CSV

Build Manually

Maybe you don't have an HR system or cloud-based service – that's fine, too!


The first step is to start building out the structure of your chart by clicking and dragging Roles from the Build menu on the left to where they should be positioned on your chart. For more step-by-step instructions, check our walkthrough guide below.

Build and Edit your Org Chart

Add Superpowers

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