Fix UTF-8 encoding errors

Pingboard's CSV import tools require CSV files with UTF-8 encoding. If your CSV file isn't saved with UTF-8 encoding, we may not be able to process the file or you may run into other errors.

To save a text file with UTF-8 encoding in Excel (on a Windows computer):

  • Choose File->Save as from the menu.
  • In the 'Save as type' dropdown > select 'Comma Separated Values (*.csv)'
  • Select 'Web Options' in the 'Tools...' dropdown at the bottom of the dialog box.
  • Select the 'Encoding' tab.
  • In the 'Save this document as:' dropdown, select 'Unicode (UTF-8)'

If you're using a Mac, the best option is to open and export the file as a CSV using Apple Numbers or Google Sheets instead.

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