Play the Who's Who Game on Pingboard for Mobile

Who's Who on iPhone


What is this?

Who's Who is an interactive, engaging way for you to put names to faces and learn about people at your company. Whether you're trying to meet everyone after a round of hiring, prepping to visit another office, or getting ready for a company event, Who's Who makes it easy and fun to learn about your colleagues.


How to Play

Tap the Who's Who icon in the Pingboard mobile app, then select the group you want to see in your round (Everyone, or a specific Group or Location). Or, choose Employees you Don't Know to play a round with people whose photos you haven't seen yet or didn't get on your first try. Each round includes ten people.

who's who in Pingboard

Guess a name on your first try for maximum points (10). If you’re fast, you’ll earn a speed bonus for a maximum of 15 points per-person! We keep track of how well you can recognize each person, so if you get a lower score for someone in the future, your overall leaderboard score will go down.

If you guess wrong, we'll give you a hint by pulling in a detail from the person's profile – it's a great way to learn about new hires!

Once you've completed your round, we'll tally up your score and update the company leaderboard.

Who's Who Leaderboard

Here are some fun ideas for things you can do with Who's Who:

  • Hold a week-long competition when you first launch Pingboard to see who can get the top 3 spots on the leaderboard – be sure to give out some prizes to the winners.
  • Prep for meetings with teams you don't usually work with by learning everyone on that team's name in Who's Who.
  • Announce the current top spots on the leaderboard at the beginning of company-wide meetings to encourage healthy competition and engagement.

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