Get to know your colleagues by playing Who's Who in Pingboard


What is this?

Who's Who is an interactive, engaging way for you to put names to faces and learn new details about people at your organization. Whether you're trying to meet everyone after a round of hiring, prepping a meeting with another team, or getting ready for a company event, Who's Who makes it easy and fun to learn about your colleagues.


How to Play

On the Web

  1. Sign in to your Pingboard account, or if you're already signed in, select the Pingboard icon in the upper-left corner of your account to access the homepage.
  2. Select Play Who's Who on the tile with the title "How well do you know your coworkers?".

On Mobile

  1. Sign in to the Pingboard mobile app.
  2. Select the Who's Who tab from the bottom menu.

Each round of Who's Who will display 10 photos of your coworkers, and you can choose to play a round that will show you individuals from the entire organization (Everyone), or people from a specific Group, Location, or Department.

When you've made your selection, Pingboard will start showing you photos of the people you work with - your goal is to tap the name of the person in the photo shown as quickly as possible for the most points. Guess a name on your first try for a total of 10 points. The faster you guess, the more points you'll get - if you’re especially fast, you’ll earn a speed bonus for a maximum of 15 points per person.

If you guess wrong, we'll give you a hint by pulling in a detail from the person's profile – it's a great way to learn about new hires or people you haven't met yet!

Once you've completed your round, Pingboard tallies up your score and updates the company leaderboard.

How does my score work?

Pingboard keeps a running score for how well you can recognize each individual person, so your overall leaderboard score can still go down even if you see the same person's photo several times across several rounds of play. For example, if in round 1 you match your colleague Ben Wyatt's name right away for a total of 15 points, you might see him again in round 3. Match his name slower the next time you see Ben, and that 15 point total for Ben might become 10, bringing your overall score on the leaderboard down. The best way to keep the top spot is to never let your guard down and quickly match every name, every time!

More uses and extra fun:

  • Hold a week-long competition when you first launch Pingboard to see who can get the top 3 spots on the leaderboard – be sure to give out some prizes to the winners.
  • Prep for meetings with teams you don't usually work with by learning everyone on that team's name in Who's Who.
  • Announce the current top spots on the leaderboard at the beginning of company-wide meetings to encourage healthy competition and engagement.

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