Use Advanced Search in Pingboard

Pingboard's search function is extremely powerful and allows you to search across most pieces of data in Pingboard (including Teams, Locations, public Custom Fields, and more). 

Pingboard's Advanced Search allows you to search using more than one piece of search criteria. For instance, you could search for people in your Arizona Office with the Job Title "HR Representative" whose favorite movie is Back to the Future II.

To use Advanced Search, select the Search bar at the top of the page, then choose Advanced. Select the button to add more levels to your search, then choose Show Results. Advanced Search results are based on "and" rules, so people that match all of your search selections will appear in results. For instance, if you choose "Chicago" as the Location, and "Accountant" as the job title, only Accountants in your Chicago office will appear in your results. 

Tip: Public Custom Fields with the "Include in Searches" permission enabled are available as search criteria. Only Tag and Choice Custom Field types can be included in Advanced Search at this time.

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