Set up Google Apps Sync

Syncing Pingboard with your company's GSuite account enables single sign-on for Pingboard through Google, imports employee Profiles, and displays Google Calendars in employee Profiles. Once the integration is set up you can easily manage who is synced from your Google Apps account, and enable automatic invites for any new Profiles synced from Google.

You'll need Admin access to both Pingboard and your company's Google Apps account to get started.


  1. Click Admin, then select Add-Ons from the drop-down menu
  2. Click Browse, select the Google Apps integration, then click Enable
  3. Sign in to your Google Apps Admin account with your email and password

Once you've been authenticated, the sync will immediately start.

Most initial syncs take about 30 minutes to an hour, but depending on the status of Google's servers it may take a bit longer. Feel free to navigate away from the page while you wait for your colleagues to be synced.

Once the initial sync is finished, you can manage your syncing preferences on the Manage Sync page:


  1. On the Manage Sync screen, deselect boxes for employees you don't want to sync to Pingboard (any un-synced profiles will be automatically removed from Pingboard)
  2. To automatically deliver Pingboard invitations and access to every new GSuite profile synced to Pingboard, click the button next to "Send invite when someone is added"
  3. Click Confirm at the bottom of the page to complete your setup
  4. If your company uses the Out of Office integration, consider setting up a connection between Pingboard's Out of Office add-on and Google Calendar (learn more)

Warning Remember to disable employee editing for all fields synced from Google Apps, especially the Email field. If an employee's Email field is edited manually in Pingboard, their connection with Google Apps will be broken since it will no longer match that employee's Gmail address.

Tip Default settings will use data from Google Apps to update blank fields, and will not overwrite existing data in Pingboard. To overwrite synced fields in Pingboard with each new sync from Google, turn on the Overwrite setting on the Google Apps Settings page of your account.

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