Import employee information from Google Apps

When you set up syncing between Google Apps and Pingboard, employee information from Google Apps is synchronized one-way from Google to Pingboard. Pingboard will pull data from Google and populate the available fields in Pingboard. Fields in Pingboard must be blank in order to be synced with information from Google Apps.

Once sync has been set up, we recommend setting permissions for any fields you're syncing from Google Apps to prevent employees from editing those fields in Pingboard. Data from Google will only ever sync to empty fields, and will not overwrite existing information in Pingboard.

If you store any of the following information in Google Apps, Pingboard will automatically import it when a new profile is synced:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Google Profile Photo
  • Job Title
  • Manager
  • Mobile Phone

By default, the Google Apps integration for Pingboard will not overwrite existing data in Pingboard. For instance, if you already have "Job Title" fields filled out in Pingboard and set up Google Apps later, we'll retain the "Job Title" field data that was already in Pingboard. Or, if you set up Google Apps and import Job Titles, then change a Job Title in Google Apps, the original title first imported from Google will remain in Pingboard.

If you're interested in setting up automatic overwrite from Google Apps, please let us know and we'll set that up for you.

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