Create and edit your Directory

Directories in Pingboard are built automatically as profiles are added and filled out. Profile information can be added in a number of ways:

  • If your company uses Google Apps or Okta to store, sync the service you use to instantly import and update employee data from the Sync & Import page of your account.
  • Admins can upload profile information for people in their company with a CSV bulk-import. You can find the template and submit new CSV imports anytime on the Sync & Import page.
  • If you have Custom Fields or special data in your employee profiles, you can include that in your CSV upload as well. Custom Fields (like "Favorite Dessert") will have to exist in Pingboard already in order to be populated with data from a CSV.
  • If you only have a few people to add, click the Add Employee button on the left side of the Directory page to add them manually.

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